The most effective method of
pricing your property is to have a
Professional Pre-Listing Appraisal

Watch the video to discover how you can position
your property on the market ensuring maximum equity at closing.

Your home generates the most interest from potential buyers and
real estate agents during the first 3 weeks on the market.  

Benefits of having a professional pre-listing appraisal:

  • You receive an unbiased, third party opinion of the market value of your home by a trained professional.   Don't give your property away.
  • You are positioned to quickly recognize and respond to a fair market offer.
  • ​You protect yourself from lowball offers because you have evidential advantage. Giving you a stronger position to negotiate from.
  • ​You are positioned to effectively challenge a lender’s low appraisal of your home, maintaining your higher contract price. A lender will consider a well-respected appraiser's valuation - they will not consider an estimate provided by a real estate agent.
  • You avoid the common practice of a real estate agent “buying your listing” by suggesting a higher price than can be achieved. Because the agent would then be reluctant to suggest a price reduction early in the marketing process, you lose valuable time during those critical first several weeks on the market.

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