Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a home is an exciting but sometimes complicated process.

It is the largest investment for most Americans, and thereby requires much thought, research and documentation before purchasing.

That’s why we have created a list of answers to some common questions.

What are my advantages in buying a home?

Should I work with many REALTORS at the same time?

What should I think about when I am deciding which community I want to live in?

Where can I get information about local schools and what questions should I ask about schools?

I’m transferring to a new city. What do I do differently in this case?

How can I find out what homes are selling for in a given neighborhood?

When I start visiting homes, what should I be looking for the first time through?

Is an older home as good a value as a new home?

Do I need to bring anything along when I am looking at homes?

What should I ask The Carolina Success Team about each home that I look at?

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How many homes should I look at before I buy?

Can you help me buy a new home from a builder?

Can you help me with homes for sale by owner?

What about the loan application? Read Getting a Mortgage For Detailed Information, by clicking here.

What are my financing options?

What happens during the loan process?

How do I determine the amount of my initial offer?

What should I know about the contract for sale and/or the offer to purchase?

What kind of pressure should I put on myself when I’m about to sign a purchase offer?

Do I need to have any inspections on the home?

How do I negotiate through the seller to get a contract that’s to my advantage?

Can I add extra inclusions into the contract that are not in the listing?

Should I move myself or use a moving company?

Do I need to talk to my insurance agent?

What happens at settlement/closing/escrow?

What is “Buyer’s Remorse”?