Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell is another one of South Carolina’s and Georgia’s exceptional offerings for a lake house of your dreams. The mild climate capturing the flavor of all four seasons, the wide variety of recreational activities includes golf, hiking, trekking, fishing and boating make Lake Hartwell a popular destination for interested owners looking for buying property at important locations. The close proximity of the prestigious Clemson University and its amenities, sporting calendar and lasting education opportunities make Lake Hartwell a highly desired peace of real estate. The convenient high way system means that driving is pleasant and beautiful along with reduced time required to reach important cities like Atlanta or Charlotte– the reduced time involved in travel offers a possibility to create a truly suburban experience.

The location of airports in Greenville, SC, Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA which means that it is ever easier to travel long distances from these locations.

The lake itself is a man-made miracle built by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and was completed in 1963. It has played an important role in reducing flood damages and provides recreation, clean water, hydro power and residential recluse to thousands of people every year. The 962 miles shoreline means that there is ample enough space for everyone and while it may seem plenty, a major chunk of it is protected and offers sanctuary to local flora and fauna.

Lake Hartwell is one of the most visited lakes in US and a highly sought after locality for residential purposes.