Understanding the Home Buying Process

Our Team Will Help You Realize Your Goals

Buying a home in Greenville, Pickens, Oconee, Anderson counties is an exciting but often overwhelming experience. With the right plan and our assistance this opportunistic market has so much to offer you.

Educating yourself about the home-buying process is key to getting a home you love and can afford. As your REALTOR®s at The Carolina Success Team, we are here to answer any questions you might have and guide you through this home buying process.

  • STEP 1 
    Setting a Time Frame
  • Step 2
    Lending process
  • sTEP 3
    DeterminE Your 
  • step 4
    Find home wants & Needs
  • step 5
    Search for dream home
  • step 6
    Making an offer

The Lending Process

Perhaps one of the most intimidating aspects of buying a home in Traveler's Rest and surrounding areas is the mortgage approval process. We’ll be here to help guide you through this, but there are many ways you can prepare early to make the process smoother.

Start By:

  • Making sure your budget is under control - make a list of all your monthly expenses, compare it with your income, and see if adjustments need to be made.
  • You should also try to pay off small credit card balances.
  • Start gathering documents you may need, such as W-2 forms, income tax returns for the past few years, pay stubs, records of child support or alimony, bank statements for the past several months, and your credit report.
  • Also, be sure to allow for closing costs.

Getting several offers from potential lenders
will allow you to compare loans and get the best deal.

For more information on
getting a mortgage

The Eleven Commandments
When Applying for a
Real Estate Loan

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  • Step 8
    Home inspection
  • step 9
    B/w Contract
    & Closing
  • step 10
    The closing
  • step 11
    moving in
  • step 12 
    After Sale Tax


After we present your offer to the seller and listing agent it will either be accepted, rejected, or the seller will make a counter-offer. By far the most common is the counter offer. In these cases, our negotiating skills become powerful in representing your best interests. When a counter offer is presented, you and our team will work together to review each specific area of the counter offer, making sure that we move forward with your goals in mind and ensuring that we negotiate the best possible price and terms on your behalf.

The purchase agreement used is a standard document approved by our local real estate board. The purchase agreement or contract constitutes your offer to buy and, once accepted by the seller, becomes a valid, legal contract. For this reason, it is important to understand what is written on the contract offer.

To download a copy of the
purchase contract.

Once acceptance of the offer is received, the contract is valid and enforceable. The contract will be sent to your preferred attorney who will select the title company to open up escrow on the property. The property may be surveyed and the ownership of title will be checked in county and court records. If you are financing the contract is sent to your lender so they can finalize the bank approval and prepare necessary closing documentation. The lender will also require the property to be appraised and inspected by a licensed appraiser.